Hot for Teacher

Is it just me or do you sometimes frame post titles as song titles/lyrics/quotes. Just me? Okay moving on…

I’ve been going to a Golds gym by the new house for the past few weeks and thankfully I have found a Body Pump teacher I really like.

At my old Golds I had instructors who I preferred over others and none that I really liked. Sidenote: my sister being an awesome Body Pump instructor has totally spoiled me and the fact that my sister is my blood so obviously I like her style.

But last Wednesday was a really great class (complete with a David Cook song for the cool down). I went back for her class today and she was awesome again. I’m glad to have found extra motivation to regularly get to her class on Wednesdays.

I’ve also been getting to yoga/Pilates 2x at work the past few weeks too. More on work fitness stuff in a future post!

Metro Madness

I took the metro to work this morning since T took off and is picking me up in a little while to head to the beach (Ocean City, MD). I’ve never been on the metro during rush hour and thankfully today was Friday so it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it to be. I only had my lunch bag and purse with me, but I still felt cramped or like I was taking up too much room. 

After like 11 stops I got off to take a bus, except I couldn’t find the bus stop – not true I found it, but no buses came for like 30 min. So I went back on the metro to a different line and took it 5 stops and then took a campus shuttle to work. It took me almost 2 hours AKA double my drive time to get to work. 

The good news is that I logged like 1.5 miles and 15 flights of stairs during the mayhem. Plus today most of my office is out and I didn’t have any meetings, so me rolling in hideously late wasn’t unbearable.

Today made me realize I don’t hate my ~55min commute as much as I thought I did.  

Knowing my limits

There is a big difference between excuses and recognizing limits – which is sometimes a hard concept to grasp when it comes to myself. 

I signed up for the Army 10 miler on May 25. I interviewed for a new job less than a week later and started said new job within a month of the interview. I then moved in a house with my boyfriend in a new part of town. Couple all of that with it being SUMMER and hot as blazes in the DC area with the fact that I’ve had a nagging heel/PF/Achilles issue since last fall that I’ve been treating only with mild success. 

I am firing all cylinders all the time these days. Faking it until I make it at work, fixing up the house bit by bit, navigating a new routine with T, creating a new personal routine from commute, to eating schedule, to working out schedule, to social time with friends. 

A few weeks ago I looked into deferring the Army 10 miler until next year, but they don’t do that. I also missed the transfer window. I thought I could force myself to train up to at least walk/run it – but my heart isn’t in it, my body is flat out tired, and I’m really trying to mend and overcome this heel issue. 

I randomly posted on FB yesterday about maybe not running the race and who may want my bib (”illegally”). Within minutes a friend who joined the Army in his 30s inquired. He is super pumped, I made some of my money back, and most importantly I took the pressure off myself. Running is something I love and for it to be overly weighing on my shoulders wasn’t good. 

I’m free from the commitment to train and “race.” I feel lighter and happier. I’m going to try and get to body pump 2-3x week and yoga 1-2x a week plus walk/run as my heel allows. I want to focus my extra energy on being a good manager, girlfriend, and friend right now. 

Scale Fail

I have the Fitbit Aria scale which I love. I got it almost a year ago I think. I’ve been happy with it until I moved. Setting up the new wi-fi connection was a PROCESS. It involved a lot of message boards and other frustrated people in the same boat. However I did get it to sync, I guess that was 2 weeks ago because I went to weigh myself this morning (since I forgot to WIW) and it kept saying error. So when I get home I need to deal with troubleshooting that. WOMP WOMP

Healthy Wednesday

  • Got up and ran/walked 3 miles this morning
  • Went to the dentist for a cleaning/check up (new dentist, due to new insurance and new part of the area). Got the usual crap about not flossing and also have a cavity (I’ve had very few in my life thankfully). I need T to make me floss. He got invisalign last month and he’s been obsessive with his teeth, so I really have no excuse.  
  • Went to lunch time yoga today

AAAAAND just realized it is Wednesday and I for to weigh in! Tomorrow it is. 

Running Slowly

Please sing “Falling Slowly” from Once in your head as I am whilst writing this! 

I got up early to run before work. I actually planned to get up earlier, but sadly it was still dark at 6:15, so I snoozed another 30 minutes until there was day light. I don’t mind running before the sun with a headlamp and vest, but since i don’t know my neighborhood well I figured it was best to wait. 

I had mental plans to run 3 miles this morning, but thanks to dropping the spare house key in a crevasse between the house and the sidewalk (thankfully BEFORE I locked the door or else that would have been baaad) I was frustrated and behind schedule.

I started with about ~8 minutes of walking/yogging (y on purpose) as per doctor’s orders. Then ran/yogged/walked out and back for the 2 miles. I hate how out of shape of I am, but I gotta start somewhere. 2 miles in 28 minutes. I feel good about getting out and active before work, but I also feel like HOW IS IT ONLY 10:15AM?! 

In other news I started my anti-inflammatory meds over the weekend. All of the side effects hit me: dizzy, stomach ache, numbness of the feet/legs. The doctor said that might happen, so he advised me to take half a pill with breakfast and half with dinner. I still feel weird, but I’m going to give it a few days. I’ve also made it a point to put my inserts in all my non-sandal shoes since I got them last week. 


15 Septembers ago I was a freshman in college. I remember just 3 weeks before driving over the bridge and taking in my last look at the NYC skyline on my way up to CT. I didn’t have class until 9:30am that Tuesday and in true freshmen form I slept until 9:10 or so before hustling to class. My professor was already there since he also taught at 8am, but as other students filed in they brought word that a plane hit the WTC finally another student walked in saying a second plane hit WTC. My professor dismissed us and as I walked through the student center back to my room someone told me a plane hit the Pentagon. All I remember is being shocked and scared that we were under attack even before walking to the lobby of my dorm and seeing a grainy picture of the twin towers burning. New friends on my floor quickly became my family as we watched in horror and took quick audits and who has family working downtown or at the Pentagon. Phone lines were tied up, but I was able to reach my family who all thankfully worked on Long Island aside from my one cousin who was able to make contact with family within a few hours. That night my college held a beautiful candlelight vigil. Maybe that is why I loved my university so much and have made a career of working with freshman. That was a day that could have taken me off course, I could have easily left school and gone home. I did go home to visit the weekend following 9/11, I remember seeing ground zero still smoking as we again crossed the bridge. For a very long time I thought of 9/11 as obviously a world event, but especially as New York event. When I moved to DC in 2012 I learned about 9/11 from the eyes of my DC area friends. This year I made a point to go to the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA to learn more about those heroes and pay my respect. 

15 years later I feel get sad and mad thinking about that day, but I also remember the love we all felt towards one another and the heroism of our first responders. 

Never Forget.

Getting in gear

The Army 10 miler is a month out. I’ve thrown together a 5 week training plan that kicked off this week. I’m focused on building up mileage, but not speed. I’m planning on walk/run intervals. 4 miles is the furthest I’ve run since 1x in early August and like 1x in June. 

Workouts in review: 

  • Sun: 2.25 miles
  • Tues: Body Pump
  • Wed: Yoga
  • Thurs: Cardio Strength
  • Sat/Sun: 4 miles (planned)