Hot for Teacher

Is it just me or do you sometimes frame post titles as song titles/lyrics/quotes. Just me? Okay moving on…

I’ve been going to a Golds gym by the new house for the past few weeks and thankfully I have found a Body Pump teacher I really like.

At my old Golds I had instructors who I preferred over others and none that I really liked. Sidenote: my sister being an awesome Body Pump instructor has totally spoiled me and the fact that my sister is my blood so obviously I like her style.

But last Wednesday was a really great class (complete with a David Cook song for the cool down). I went back for her class today and she was awesome again. I’m glad to have found extra motivation to regularly get to her class on Wednesdays.

I’ve also been getting to yoga/Pilates 2x at work the past few weeks too. More on work fitness stuff in a future post!