Then and Now

1 year ago today I ran the Dublin Marathon

Today, I’ve been sidelined by injury since this summer. Also since the summer have gained more weight then I care to know and have just fallen off the fitness wagon. 

Feeling a little lost and I’m trying to find who I am in the new life I have which is different from the life I was leading a year ago…

Pump it up

I made it to Body Pump at 5:30 again yesterday – since it was a Fed Holiday (but not for me) at least there was no traffic and I didn’t have to haul ass to get to class. 

I should note that last week I go to Body Pump on Monday, Wednesday, AND Thursday! 

I think that is the first time I’ve been to Body Pump 3x in a week! The plan is to do it again this week!

Tuesdays are my Cornhole League and my weekends are hectic, but I’m still going to try and make it to a weekend class one of these days!

3 cheers for 3 Body Pump classes a week!!!

A little incentive goes a long way! 

At work HR sponsors a Health and Wellness program with fitness classes, workshops, cooking demos, etc. This year they started a sticker program and HELL YEAH I jumped on (they said they were inspired by the Pokemon go craze and people vying to earn points). 

I get 1 sticker for every fitness class/workshop I go to. I got 6 stickers for doing an online health assessment related to my insurance and today kicks off the “Move Challenge” challenge in which I will get 4 stickers for participating in with chances to win weekly prizes! 

The best part is one of my coworkers is pretty into wellness too, so we’ve been accountability buddies to get to class and we’re competitive about stickers (I’m one ahead of her at the moment).

Household Squatting

Yesterday was chock full of adulting:

  • painting another wall in the master bedroom (2 down, 2 to go)
  • buying vertical blinds at home depot (among other things) and then installing them
  • ripping out weeds and other plant monsters from the front of the house
  • sweeping, lots and lots of outdoor sweeping 

Between squatting and crouching to tape baseboards/paint/weed/clean up swept up debris my legs are sore today, but sore in a good way

I also learned the ideal time to go to Home Depot or do other grown up errands – when you city’s football team is playing. Literally employees at Home Depot were desperate to help us since it was so quiet and one remarked that when the Redskins (withholding comment about how racist and disgusting our team name is) are playing it’s always quiet!