Weight-related real talk


Feel free to skip this post if it’s not your jam. 

Back in June I decided I was going to try to lose 4 pounds for
my wedding and then just maintain my weight where I was. You can read that post
although it’s really long and dithery (also tw: wedding talk I guess). Well,
I never ended up losing those 4 pounds but I kept my weight right around where
I was in time for the wedding. Surprisingly, the threat of not being able to
fit into the nicest dress I’ve ever owned was a strong motivator. (Maybe this
doesn’t happen that much but I came across MANY stories of people with
last-minute dress woes.)

Since the wedding I’ve gained about 10 pounds in a
combination of general laxity, stress eating (mostly job related and election
related) and binge eating (same). I don’t like it. To be fair, this is somewhat
new territory for me, as in my life I haven’t been the person to freak out over
10 or so pounds; mostly I would just gain weight and then be in denial about it.
But here is my thought process, first negative motivators, and then positive

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I am one to rarely reblog, but tumblr and being part of community is so important. I’ve felt so alone in falling off the fitness and wellness wagon. I’ve felt embarrassed and depressed. However knowing that I am not alone it not only comforting, but motivating. 

94monkeys is someone I care about and I’ve followed her journey via tumblr since summer 2010. She is someone I’ve gotten to know offline as well (and had the pleasure of going to her wedding, where she looked stunning, not just on the outside, but her soul was radiating). Thank you for sharing, love you!

WIW – the moment of truth

Today: 201.0

OKAY, I can handle that. 

I was honestly preparing for something closer to 210. 

The last time I weighed myself was September 7 and I was 200.6.

Earlier in 2016 my monthly weights were: 

  • March: 194.9

  • April: 193.3
  • May:194.3
  • June: 193.2
  • July: 196
  • Aug: 194.2

Despite feeling like I’ve had fallen off the wagon since we moved in August it’s not insurmountable. I certainly am out of shape and lost “muscle” tone, but just like life you fall down 7 and stand up 8. 

Went to yoga today at lunch and when I get home it’s day 3 of Shred! 

Cheers to 30 AhealthyU stickers! 

One full board means I get $30 in campus bucks! Since the game is through December 23, I am hoping to score a 10 point or even a 20 point prize too. I would be going to yoga classes, cooking demos, workshops etc anyway- but I do like the visual of collecting stickers to mark my effort!

Monday Moves

  • Replacement Fitbit is here and strapped on! 
  • I woke up early to to drop my car off with T to have some work done, in hopes to wake up early all week to either try to make my commute a bit easier and/or work out. 
  • I pulled out my old, but trusty Jillian’s Michael’s 30 day Shred DVD. If I’ve been able to make excuses to not go to the gym, then I hope I can combat that with working out at home. Baby steps. 
  • Replacement Fitbit scale is here too, Wednesday will be my first weigh in, since August… 

Prepping for a strong 2017!

Pre-Work for 2017

Hi Tumblr, 

Remember me. I know it’s been a while, but I’m finding my way back. 

I plan on spending these last weeks of 2016 to prep for ensuring I set myself up for success in 2017. Between adjusting to a new job, new commute, new town, new house, and first time cohabitation it’s been hard to find balance and thus very stressful. 

I’ve also still been fighting nagging Plantar Fasciitis, which finally lead me to buy shoes from The Walking Company which are helping (first one pair then two, now I have four pair). However they all have a chunky heels and as someone who has always worn the flattest shoes possible my calves and ankles are adjusting to being elevated on a regular basic. 

Plus my Fitbit HR and Fitbit Aria scale crapped out, thankfully Fitbit is sending replacements for both that should arrive soon, but I’ve been without my Fitbit all November and my scale has been “broken” since I moved in August (the issues was with the wifi syncing due to a new network which impedes it’s ability to display your weight – weird). Which means I’ll weigh myself for the first time in months soon…scary. 

Basically I’ve given myself an excuse to throw a full blown pity party which has involved not working out and eating junk when I want to. The holidays and change of weather are also stressors for me, so I hoping to at least try and do some “pre-work” before kicking off an effort to re-find my balance in January. I always love a new year to reset.

I have been prioritizing sleep lately (hi stress and a bought of mild depression) and I need to GET CONTROL. At the end of the day nothing is terrible in my life (in fact my relationship with T and actually being comfortable financially are freakin’ wonderful), it’s just all so new and that in and of itself is the root of my stress. I feel like Jessie from Saved By the Bell “NO TIME, THERE’S NEVER ANY TIME!” The reality is when I get overwhelmed I procrastinate, it’s one of my ugliest habits/vices.  

I went to a “Manage Your Stress, Take Charge of Your Life”  session at work yesterday sponsored by AHealthyU which is through HR (and one of my favorite things about working at AU are lots of workshops, cooking demos, classes, etc). We filled out a “Perceived Stress Scale” and did a “Stress Vulnerability Inventory”  which helped me frame a plan.

  • I need/want to exercise – and it’s okay if it’s not running (I’ve defined myself as a runner for 6 years, but it’s okay if I shift due to injury)
  • I need/want to meal prep and focus on what I’m eating (I’m strongly considering joining Weight Watchers at Work, a new work friend goes so it would be nice to have a buddy, a new group starts in late January)
  • I need/want to get back to both blogging here and writing in my paper journal which I’ve neglected for mooooonths (both of these are my best spaces to think/plan/reflect)
  • I need/want to better manage my time and prioritize 
  • I need/want to find a church, I got out of the habit of going to my old church, but now that we’ve moved I want to explore churches (which I have done in January of 2010 and 2013 to help me recenter and I lucked out finding great churches)
  • I need/want to do the foot and ankle conditioning program/exercises my podiatrist gave me which I have slacked on

I’m New York bound this evening for the first time since June/July. I’m thankful that I decided a few weeks ago to spend the extra money and fly. I don’t need the added stress of a white knuckled 4.5 hour drive turned 7 hour drive to deal with. I get to see my sister tonight then, Long Island tomorrow. Plus with flying I get to come back Friday night and have the weekend home with T. T is staying in MD with Freddie and doing Thanksgiving with his family. This is the first time we’ve been apart since we moved in together in August which I also think will be good. I do miss just being with just myself sometimes and I know I need to create “me” time in order to focus on getting back on track. 

Shout out to A who inspired me through her journey back to blogging to transform an email I was writing to her into a blog post.