2016 Year in Review

Today is FINALLY my last day of work in 2016, so it’s a perfect time for my 2016 year in review! 

January – a productive and fun snowmageddon 

FebruaryFuller House premiere on Netflix and a watch party with one of my besties (which we just did again for season 2)

MarchSpring Break in Raleigh/Charleston/Virginia Beach which featured T’s first and last half marathon

April the day I realized I had to leave my job as soon as possible for my own well-being and launched an aggressive DC job search

May – T and I officially deciding to house hunt together (although finally finding THIS beer after 2+ years was a close 2nd)

June – Accepting a new job and getting to throw the deuces at my old one

July – We closed on our townhouse

August – York Beach, Maine girls vacation

September – Ellen’s wedding weekend in Chicago

October – after months of chronic foot pain I finally sucked it up and started to buy shoes with proper heel support (spoiler alert: my feet are feeling so much better these days)

NovemberMaking and starting a plan to set the stage for a stronger, healthier, and more balanced 2017

December – Hosting our Holiday Housewarming Party 

Here is a link to my previous lists!

Shred Drill Sergeant

Today will be my 17th workout of 30 day shred (I freaking loathe level 2), and I think 15 of them have been while T is on the couch. In all fairness T’s been using my 30 minute workout time (where I take over the living room) to practice guitar, which is something he’s been wanting to get back into.

However T also pushes me Drill Sergeant style to go faster/lower/straighter etc all while barking in a “frog voice.” If any of you have Marines in your life then you may be familiar with the DI (Drill Instructor) frog voice – if not check out this video from a Boot Camp documentary that T owns, this is one of the the best/worst scenes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNBgKjLWVcw

Too bad I’m in the throws of working out or else I’d video T’s frog voice “yelling” it’s so funny and weirdly motivating. 


Last week: 201.3

This week: 203.0

Well numbers keep going in the wrong direction, but I’m 15 days into 30 day shred and I’m looking forward to holiday treats season to be over. 


Last week: 199.3

This week: 201.3

change: +2

That’s okay, I hosted a housewarming at our new place this weekend that involved a lot of “holiday cheer.” I’m still doing Shred and making good choices whenever possible. I’m using December to not give myself a bigger hole to dig out of come January! 

Shred Level 2

I finished my 10th day of level 1 yesterday, onto level 2 this evening! 

I also went to a great lunchtime yoga class yesterday at work. It was a different class which usually has a fee, but they waived fees this week – it may be worth getting a class membership for next semester. 

Just subscribed to Wrist Society after hearing about it on “What’s Trending” on my morning radio show a few weeks ago. 

They are men’s watches which are TOTALLY my jam, but you get a new watch a month for a $29 monthly subscription fee! 

Here’s my referral link if you are interested too – may also be a good gift for a friend who has a strong #wristgame


Due to yesterday’s brain fart, I weighed in today:

Last week: 201.0

Today: 199.3

Change: -1.7

HOLLER! I know the scale won’t always move in the direction I want or as fast as I want, but I’m motivated and committed to be aware of my choices!


Damnit, I forgot to weigh myself today. I guess that happens when you only got on the scale for the first time in months last week. 

HOWEVER, I think part of the reason I forgot was because I got up early to do the Shred DVD (Level 1 Day 8) before work since I have plans later. Threw we off my usual routine. However I shall weigh in tomorrow, not that numbers mean everything. I already feel better!