Telework Tuesdays!

Today is my first telework day since starting my new job 7 months ago. Yes, I’m reporting live from my living room in my pjs, comfy robe, and NO BRA!

Telework is “new” to my employer as of September and I also knew I needed to “prove” myself for a few months before making the request. I put in the request in early January and it was quickly approved with today as the start date. My plan to telework on Tuesdays this whole semester with two exceptions in which I will need to come to campus on Tuesday, but may do a half day telework when I’m needed on campus. 

I was able to telework 1-2 a month at my old job and I really enjoyed it. It was so lovely sleeping in an extra hour (and not commute ~50min each way). I’ll be able to start my Shred DVD right at 4:30 (last day of 30 day Shred) before heading to the gym for some intervals on the treadmill. Then to the season opener of my barsports league (cornhole/skeeball/shuffleboard).

I bring lunch to work 95% of time time to work, but still it was nice just grabbing it right from the kitchen. 

I got SO much done today without the regular work environment distractions. I’m really looking forward how telework Tuesdays will contribute to my overall  work/life balance!

Pants on the Ground

I’m preeeeetty sure I used this title for a post back in 2010 when I first lost weight, but I was walking across campus today with both my hands full and I could feel my pants sagging. If I wasn’t so close to my office I would have stopped, put things down and pulled them up, BUT I was wearing a long coat and I knew they wouldn’t actively drop. 

I’m much rather my pants start falling off of me than me wedging myself into them and getting a big red waist band imprint on me. 

Weight Watchers

I went to a Weight Watchers at work open house meeting yesterday. 

One of my new work friends has been going to 2 years, so it made me less nervous to check it out. To my surprise I knew a bunch of other people from all across campus (I work at a university) there. I liked the leader and it was really cool to hear other people talk so opening about their success and struggles. I guess I’ve always felt “safer” writing them.

I filled out my membership paperweight and the form for payroll deduction to cover the cost. Next week is my first official meeting and I even looked up meeting near where I live incase I run into work conflicts because my job has incentives that for every 10 meeting you go to they give you $50 “back.”

I’m curious/anxious to learn about points – I’ve never loved “counting” calories, but I also know it is a critical component for long term weight loss and maintenance. 


Last Friday (post cleanse): 200.4

Today: 201.4

Considering I lost 5.5 pounds during my 3 days refresh cleanse, I’m feeling good about only gaining a pound back.

Tomorrow I’m going to a Weight Watchers at Work open house – it will be my first Weight Watchers meeting ever!