I go tagged by @rozigetsfit and I needed a mental break from work, so here are my answers! 

One insecurity: my height. I’m 5′9.5. I’ve always felt BIG, regardless of my weight. I will never be a lady who isn’t stuck in the back of group photos. 

Two fears: Becoming my mother (not having children will help me avoid this some). Freddie dying (which at 9 years old I know will happen, but I’m going to be a wreck and I hope it doesn’t happen for a very long time – note Freddie is my Pomeranian for those of you new here)

Three turn-ons: A sexy mouth, being funny, and being strapping!

Four life goals: not get divorced, do a half ironman, have a menagerie of dogs, stay as healthy as I can

Five things I like: talking, roller coasters, live music, being right, iced coffee

Six weaknesses: my right arm, my left arm (haha T always comments how I have no upper body strength). I’m a terrible typer, I procrastinate, I love my phone too much, I enjoy gossip, my inability to turn down free food, and I’m not a detail oriented person

Seven things I love: Freddie, T, Full/Fuller House, the beach, NYC, the color orange, witty banter

Eight people that I’m tagging: If you’ve done one of these or do not want to participate, no need to! @94monkeys, @veggielife, @squirrelsandswings, @amanda-healthyhappywhole, @builttoprotectnottolove, @niki-noo, @mabtv3, @marathonmelissa


Last week: 192.9

This week: 192.0

Change: -0.9

I’m down almost 4% body fat in almost 3 months and it feels damn good. 

Seriously if I knew I would have been this successful with Weight Watchers I would have joined ages ago. However I also believe it’s the right mindset and right program at the right time!

Girly Overload

Between wedding planning and now home remodeling I’m getting sucked into a vortex of things I’ve actively tried to not care about ever.

Today we met with a design/renovation husband and wife team that came recommended by neighbors. I was basically like I have no vision, I just want it function, to flow, and to not be an eyesore like our current outdated kitchen and bath. When asked about our style I was like ummmm we’re going for a beachy vibe, despite not being near a beach or major body of water…

I’ve never been a “girly-girl” and I never spent time dreaming about weddings or homes. So of this upcoming planning is going to test my will for sure!

But at the end of the day I’ll be married to my guy and have a beautiful new kitchen and master bath so it’s worth. Oh and I’ll be broke haha.


Seriously who wants to be my wedding planner and project manage my remodel…

Woohoooo found and registered for a 5K in April that will work for me on 4/23!!

 Since it’s superhero themed I register T for it too. I ran yesterday’s solo on some old stopping grounds, but I like him coming out with me for them. Plus yesterday was the last day of early bird pricing so hell yeah I registered us at 10:45pm!!