Today would have been my Dad’s 68th Birthday. He’ll be gone 10 years this November, which is mind-blowing.

As I’ve mentioned here many times before, my dad died of complications (and I would argue negligence, but that lawsuit was never able to be substantiated) 3 days after gastric bypass surgery. He struggled with his weight most of his adult life. When I was in HS he lost 100lbs and kept it off for years, but it slowly kept creeping back on and he wanted to take the surgery route. 

Losing him at such a young age (both him at 58 and me at 24) made me want to get a grip on my weight and wellness. It took about 2 years for me to prioritize my health and fitness after losing him – I had some dark days in the months after I lost him and a lot of life transitions, but I knew I needed to get a grip. 

Making a commitment myself to be healthy and fit has been something I’ve taken very seriously since January 2010 when I started this journey (and this blog). Thank you all for being a continue place of support and encouragement. 

Wedding Planning (and some body talk)

This weekend was a lot of budget talk and wedding planning.

We opened a joint savings account at Navy Federal Credit Union (thanks T and your vet status). We have a pretty aggressive plan to help ease the the reality of a kitchen/bath gut job/remodel this summer/fall and a wedding next fall (we don’t expect any family financial contributions for the wedding). We’re meeting with a financial planning at the credit union on Tuesday.

My friend S is officially helping me wedding plan, but she’s been doing it part time for years in Charlotte. (Side note: a DC area wedding planner who specifies in destination I talked to sent me a contract – $6,500 lololololol).

S helped me feel good about our planning timeline. Most of my friends were married within a year of their engagement so I think that’s why I’ve felt so behind. We’ll have a ~19 month engagement, so I just need to calm down!! I can take my time getting the big things sorted for the next few months.

S also sent along a really helpful and useful wedding budgeting spreadsheet, way better than the ones I’ve seen in “those wedding planning site.” I now feel confident about how to make the most of our budget.

S has been doing research (along with my bridesmaid C) on venues/locations. I’m pretty narrowed in on Lisbon, Portugal and Malaga, Spain. I’m getting connected with some brides or people who live(d) in those places, so that’s helpful.

T & I are looking to scout venues and other local things this fall, so we’ll have a sense of the weather and tourism for next fall. We want to give our guests as must notice as possible so securing a venue is important and having the save the dates out 10-11 months in advance.

Once I get the venue locked in my next major focus will be the dress. I’ve actually never looked through wedding gowns in a store – I’ve only been to bridal shops for bridesmaid dresses. I have a better sense of what I don’t want (no to strapless, open back, ball gown, anything tooo white, or too heavy) verses what I want (to wear a normal style bra, a little tasteful cleavage, maybe a little sparkle).

I think getting a dress this fall will give me time to continue with Weight Watchers and have a buffer to maintain (summer is my busy season where I am eating mostly catered food) I’m hoping to stay on track, but at the very least not derail!! Ideally I’ll hit my goal weight or close to it this fall and then spend the next year maintaining and toning.

Hi friends I’m alive and well, just buried under a mountain of work during the week or having too much fun enjoying life on the weekends.

After a period/post friend’s bachelorette blip
last week: 191.3
yesterday: 190.2

I’m still on the Weight Watchers train. As of the last week or so I’ve missed some days of tracking for the first time in like 10 weeks, but I also know what choices to make. I’m trying to get back on the tracking train because it helps keep me accountable and mindful.

The real reason for this post is the NSV pictured above!

Removing this closure link from my watch was really gratifying. This is the lowest weight I think I’ve been in the ~2 years that I’ve owned this watch (a 1st anniversary gift from T – which fun fact – got me interested in rose gold and ultimately made me want rose gold to be incorporated into my engagement ring).

I miss you all, I’m coming back I swear. If I’ve missed anything super awesome in your life in the past 2 weeks send me a message and I will catch back up on ya!