When you go to the doctor for an anaphylactic reaction to presumed spider bites. On top of taking your dog to the emergency vet clinic on Sunday night for more health issues 😰

My life is a full blown comedy of errors at this point, minus the comedy.

These past 2 months have arguably been the worst/hardest of my life. However by some miracle I mostly maintained my weight. These are my Weight Watcher weigh ins, despite not tracking these 2 months, I’ve been weighing in and staying for meetings as I can. Accountability. Naked on my home scale this morning I was 188.1. 

I promise I will back here soon (spoiler alert) a counselor I just started seeing says I need to take time to do things for myself and to stop putting my wants and needs last. I want to be here with you, writing and reading in this community. I’ll fill you in on the past 2 months in the coming days and weeks I promise. I did however spend some time on some of your pages catching up and will continue to do so, so if you saw/see likes and comments on old post that’s why! 

Be well.