I had a pretty solid 1st half of the week fitness-wise: long walks x3, body pump x2, and pilates. The rest of the week is more fun-filled so less time for fitness

Tonight: My bestie S is visiting for the night from Baltimore and we’re going to binge season 3 of Fuller House (per our tradition). 

Tomorrow: Headed to Raleigh to visit my old roommate A. Also my boo, David Cook, has a show in Raleigh tomorrow night so it’s a double win.

Sat: Tailgating, Pool, girl time.

Sun: Head back home and hopefully get a long walk in.


Last Week:188.2

Today: 188.0

After a decent drop last week I’m totally fine with a little one this week, plus my period just started so that always throws off my weight some. I’m feeling F-I-N-E though. 

Weekend Plans

Tonight I’m using an Open Table $20 reward voucher at a restaurant that a lot of people love, but we had a meh experience with. Still, it was the closest and most reasonably priced option I could use the reward at. So we’ll see. 

Tomorrow the plan is to wake up early enough to get to Body Combat class at 9:30 then I have a noon hair appointment. I keep wanting to CHOP all my hair off because it is SO long, but I’m going to have her put it in a bunch of layers and see if that helps weigh me down less! We also have a friend’s housewarming party to go to tomorrow – we haven’t seen the couple since their wedding in May so it will be nice. 

Sunday Lazy morning with T since he’ll be out of town for work most of next week. I also want to get a long walk in with Freddie and maybe yoga. Then I plan to do some Home Goods/TJ Maxx shopping in downtown Silver Spring before going to see HANSON (yes, THAT, Hanson) in concert with a friend. My sister was supposed to come, but her company just got sold/changed hands and she didn’t want to ask for time off so soon. Luckily my work friend who gave me the final push to join Weight Watchers is a music junkie and she’s pumped to come!  

You’re in a new decade, congrats!

My Weight Watchers leader, I finally hit the 180s on the WW scale even though I’ve danced with it lately at home. I’m 0.8 away from a 15lb weight loss since starting Weight Watchers!

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

This has been a favorite quote of mine for a long time and it helped me get through many periods of darkness, but I’m glad to report that the sun is shining on my face brightly these days. 

  • I feel like my mental health and well-being is in a good place
  • My relationships and friendships are thriving
  • I’m eating well and sleeping well
  • I’ve been able to refind true work-life balance
  • The computer does not come home with me and I leave the office at 5, more importantly I’m not thinking about work when I’m at home
  • I feel productive at work and at home
  • T and I both feel good about plans to delay our destination wedding until September 2019 so we can save more money (all the home renovations took a hit to our savings plan understandably)

I feel like I’m walking a little taller and when people ask me how I’m doing I can say “well” and mean it. 

I’m sure the darkness will roll back around at some point, it always days – but to quote my beloved Incubus “In this moment I am happy.”


Last Week: 191.0

This week 188.2

Change: -2.8

Holler! Just goes to show you have an indulgent weekend out of town is not an excuse to not get right back on the wagon! 

One of my neighbors who I’ve been talking wedding planning with lately (she just got back from Portugal and Spain earlier this month) commented that I looked slimmer yesterday. 

Monday Womp

We spent the weekend visiting T’s friends in Pittsburgh which meant Primanti Bros sandwiches, pierogis, booze, and brunch. It definitely could have been worse, but it also could have been better.  

Fortunately, we did a TON of walking on Saturday which helped, but I haven’t been to the gym since Wednesday. Gotta stay on top of things this week. 

As of today, I’m wearing my new Fit Bit Charge 2 – it told me my cardio fitness is “Average-Good” (34-38) so clearly, I want to be firmly in “Good” and tracking toward “Very Good.”