The number of pounds I lost on BeachyBody’s 3 Day Refresh. 196.5 –> 191.5 

I feel great and look way less bloated. I have my Holiday eating blues behind me and ready for Weight Watchers FreeStyle. I’m also plotting out my 2018 gym schedule.

Winter Break Re-Commitment

I’ve been on Winter Break at work this week, but the students were out for the semester the week prior so it was easy to get out of the door on time and not have work stress on my mind. 

  • 12/18 – Treadmill
  • 12/19 – N/A
  • 12/20 – Treadmill
  • 12/21 – Body Pump
  • 12/22 – Treadmill
  • 12/23 – Body Pump
  • 12/24 – N/A
  • 12/25 – N/A
  • 12/26 – N/A
  • 12/27 – Body Pump & Treadmill
  • 12/28 – Body Pump & Treadmill  (3 Day Cleanse, Day 1)
  • 12/29 – Body Pump & Treadmill (3 Day Cleanse, Day 2)
  • 12/30 – PLANNED: Body Pump & Treadmill (3 Day Cleanse, Day 3)

I head back to work on ½, but the students don’t start back until the day after MLK weekend, so I get the first 2 weeks in January to not have to think much about work. I plan to leverage this time. Jan 1 a Monday, how perfect! That is my Weight Watchers FreeStyle kick-off day and I’m pumped. 

PS – I got an air fryer for Christmas!!

Kicking things off with a reset! Also with being off this week I’m trying to maximize getting to the gym. I just need life to stop with the curveballs so I can stay in track. If only it was that was possible!

I may have setbacks, but I’m proud that no matter how many times I fall on the journey I’ve always picked myself back up!