Photo Ready

Oh you know, just casually booking a photoshoot in March with Freddie and me (and the fiance, but it’s really about Fred and me). 

I’ve always wanted nice pictures of Freddie and me.  Since his health has not been the best, I don’t want to miss out on capturing our bond. However his new meds seem to be helping his coat/skin. He has more bloodwork scheduled for Friday and likely another ultrasound in mid-February. 

Diet Bet Loser

I joined a $35 Diet Bet earlier this month. The goal was to lose 4% of your body weight between Jan 2/3 – Jan 29/30.

I started the game weighing in at 195.7

My 4% goal weight was 187.9 or a loss of 7.8 pounds

Today the game ended and I weighed 189.8

A total loss of 5.9 pounds

So I lost $35 (and didn’t make extra money), but I lost weight purposely and on plan. No tears here! I think I’m one and done with Diet Bet – I was always curious, but putting too much pressure on the scale isn’t for me. 

PS – I’m down 6.7 pounds since Dec 28 when I kicked off my 3 Day Refresh before jumping back on the Weight Watchers train.

There is a University Club on campus for faculty and staff to eat. They moved to a new space last spring and it’s pretty swanky. It’s all you care to eat for $11.75 + tax, which isn’t terrible considering overall on-campus dining prices and off-campus DC restaurants. Plus the people watching is SUPERB – it’s always a who’s who of campus folks. 

I got lunch with my friend J who is an Assistant Dean of one of the academic colleges. He’s been a great friend and colleague (especially over the summer during my near breakdown) so it was nice to grab an hour together. 

The menu was on point. So many veggie options – on top of a salad bar, two soups (I got butternut squash), and cut fruit. I gotta say the soup was wonderful, but to my shock, the real VIP was the Braised Cabbage. It had other veggies in it too. Does anyone have a braised cabbage recipe? 

Weight Watchers Weigh In

2 weeks ago: 197.0

Today: 192.6

Change: -4.4


I was bummed I had to miss last week due to an off campus work meeting that ran long, glad to see a big number today!

6 months

Tonight at my ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics) meeting I am getting my 6-month chip. With the except of a tense half day at my mom’s on Christmas I’ve been pretty good at keeping her toxic effect on my life at bay. 

I can’t fix her or heal her or control her. I can only live my life. It’s sad that she can’t be more a part of it, but it’s the choices she’s made that have made it such. 

Self-care is SO complex, but I’m thankful that I’m regaining a healthy balance in my life. 

Also reading this blog has been a gift and the author’s words are one that I treasure as she battles a similar battle:

What constitutes exercise Fitbit?!

I get super frustrated that my Fitbit doesn’t recognize Body Pump or Spin as “exercise.” I understand it not recognizing yoga or pilates, but really my heart rate was solidly in the fat burn zone for most of yesterday’s Body Pump (same for spin last week). In fact, this release of Body Pump (despite hating almost all the music) has had me working the hardest, even with my recent weight ranges I put on the bar/hold. 

Oh and I know on my Fitbit I can “start a workout” but I’m a millennial, I want instant. I know I am working out so I don’t NEED Fitbit to recognize it, but I’d like it to. 

Oh and yesterday’s pilates class was also sweat-inducing. A colleague and I are going to be fitness class buddies on Mon & Wed. I have a meeting before the Mon class, so it was nice to roll in and she had a mat set up for me next to her yesterday. I think on Wednesday we can generally walk together to and from class.