Back to “Normal”

Last week was hard. Between my friend C losing her dad, Freddie’s ultrasound, and going to Boston for funeral services. 

However despite all that terrible stuff, there was so much love. I have good people in my life and the good people in my life have good people in theirs. 

I saw so many people from college and folks who work in higher ed also (she and I are both in the field) who came out to support my friend C and mourn the loss of her dad that so many of us got to know and love too. 

I feel like despite not getting out workouts in since Wednesday night, I didn’t drink too much alcohol or overindulge too much. 

Freddie is on some new meds and goes back for bloodwork next Friday and then another ultrasound in ~4 weeks. 

I went to pilates at lunch today and will hit up bodypump after work. Oh and at the airport yesterday I got a 10 minute seated massage and it was glorious. 

Fred post ultrasound sedation.
One possible tumor mass and an enlarged adrenal gland. Vet put him on Cushings meds, go back to check blood work in 2 weeks and the another ultrasound 4 weeks from now 😰

Oh and now I’m on my way to Boston for my friend’s dad’s funeral and T is playing nurse to Fred.

Bad News

2 terrible phones calls in 1 hour

  • Best Friend’s dad collapsed at home and was barely responsive when medics arrived. Getting her hysterical phone call when she was driving there in winter weather was gut-wrenching. Been texting with her husband, but I don’t know much right now. 
  • Vet called, after some bloodwork Fred likely has Cushing’s Disease. Need to take him in for an ultrasound on Friday to figure out more.

Thoughts and prayers are much appreciated 

Update: Bestie’s dad who I lovingly referred to as “Thundercat” passed away. Likely heading up to Boston this weekend :’(

Telework Tuesdays are BACK

So I plead my case in recent weeks to have my weekly telework day back. I was granted the request for this semester, but was told I would not likely get this opportunity to telework going forward (which is garbage), but I’ll take what I can get and I’ll fight my fall semester battles when the time comes…

30 Counties Gaining (and Losing) the Most Weight

30 Counties Gaining (and Losing) the Most Weight