Strong Start

  • Began tracking on my WW app again – it works so well for me – I don’t know how I fall off track, but alas I’m back
  • I went to the gym yesterday for 2.5 treadmill miles
  • Did a HUGE grocery shop of ALL the healthy things
  • Prepped egg cups for the week
  • Got to the office early, but it’s basically a ghost town here.
  • Made my new 2018 circle calendar this time on 8.5 x14 paper
  • Rearranged my office
  • Oh and all this is while they have been testing fire alarms for now nearly 2 hours…

NYE cuteness! Thanks Ross for this $14.99 find, even bought a $17.99 dress for a future occasion because I loved them both! 

Happy 2018 all. I’m a bit hungover today, but I’m WW tracking, going to hit up the treadmills at the gym after the Auburn game, and then grocery shopping and meal prep.