Lenten Check In

After reading @legallybrunettemama ‘s post about her Lent progress I thought I’d chime in. My Lenten habit I’ve ADDED to my life is writing in my paper journal every day. So far I’m 2 weeks in and I honestly forgot how good it was to have a nightly check in with myself. I give myself 1 page to write a day, but no pressure to fill it – however, one day I filled 2 pages. Anyway, each new day gets a new page, which also makes looking back through the journal easier. Small goals are still worthy goals, never forget that!

I totally forgot to report here that my BELOVED David Cook is going to make his Broadway Debut in Kinky Boots as Charlie on April 3.

I’m heading up to catch him with friends April 8 which gives me a chance to go back for a 2nd helping if it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread! 

So excited to see two of my favorite things combined – and to finally check out Kinky Boots!

Body Pump Fail

This time I wasn’t to blame. I even got to class early (well 5 min early), however by the time I went to get my equipment they were out of clips to keep the weights on my bar.


Seriously class wasn’t even packed to the gills per usual and there were plenty of bars and weights. I made due holding weights/plates. I focused on form and getting deep with my squats.

But believe you me I complained at the desk before I left. I ONLY go to this gym location on Mondays for Body Pump. Also 2 of the treadmills I tried to use had squeaky belts. They need to get their act together.

Re-Learned Lessons

The recent changes in my body have been riveting. I’m back at my lowest weight since summer 2014. I am remembering how different/”easier” some workouts are when you have less body mass and are stronger. For example, rotating hovers – something that used to be so difficult for me and then just this week they felt like a “breeze” – I guess that means I have to start doing them on my toes. The same thing goes for push ups. 

It’s almost like coming out of amnesia (i’m guessing), I’ve been getting flooded with memories of when I was able to do a workout (like plank jacks) with “ease.” I feel like I truly repressed them after I was too out of shape/heavier to do those workouts the same way. 

The psychological aspects of weight loss never cease to fascinate me. 

Early Jeans

So the dog was up early all week, which led to me waking up on my own at 5am today – of course the dog slept in. I figure I’ll go in the office an hour early today in hopes of leaving an hour early to make the 5:30 body pump class by my house. Buuuuut before doing that I did something I thought about doing over the weekend.

Re-trying on all my jeans.

OMG jeans I haven’t worn in yeeeeears fit. Even jeans I bought moons ago as “goal” jeans are not a far off reality.

My ooooooold size 14 Gap jeans fit and my newer size 12 Gap jeans (#vanitysizing). I have a few other 12s in the closet that are within reach and a pair of 10s that I may actually get to wear one day!

I’m in size 12 Ann Taylor Loft trouser jeans today!! Talk about a NSV!!



Last week: 188.0

Today: 185.2

Change: -2.8

Wowza! I’ve hit the point where I can really see clearly the changes in my body. It’s amazing to know I’m earning this body back. I have a renewed sense of how committed I can be and what other transformations lay ahead! I’m worth the fight!

For better or for worse BMI is a tool. As of today I’m squarely in the middle of the overweight range (25-29.9) at 27.4. I find this to be very exciting!