I’m doing monthly measurements a few days early since we leave for vacation tomorrow coupled with the fact I missed my July 1 measurements due to work madness. Really pleased with my progress!
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I posted this gif on my tumblr 5 years ago, however it took me nearly 5 years to fully own this and live it! The truth of the matter is: YOU ARE ALSO YOUR SOLUTION! Invest in yourself, make time for yourself, listen to yourself, and care for yourself.

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More on Well Being and Happiness


Here are the rest of the notes from the workshop I went to on Well- Being this week that was offered through the Center for Consciousness and Transformation at my University (employer) 
Happiness is a choice
  • 50% is genetic
  • 40% is something you can control
  • 10% is circumstances 
Happiness strategies 
  1. express gratitude
  2. look on the bright side/cultivate optimum 
  3. don’t care yourself to others
  4. practice acts of kindness 
  5. nurture social relationships 
  6. write out pain/upset
  7. learn to forgive or let go 
  8. increase flow experience /lose track of time 
  9. savor joys of life, put time aside for it
  10. commit to goals 
  11. practice religion/spirituality 
  12. exercise, meditate, act happy (fake it til you make it)
Other thoughts and notes: 
  • Flow: focus and habits
  • Correlation between age and satisfaction – comfortable in own skin, dealing with set back
  • Overall we are too focused on negativity/weaknesses – keep a gratitude journal
  • Gratitude matters – feel happier, more determined, more energetic, more optimistic, and more likely to offer support to others. you sleep better, exercise more, and experience fewer symptoms of physical illness 
  • 9 out of 10 people say they are more productive when they are around positive people 

Reblogging myself from ~2013 as I got back and tag/reread all my posts for a project…

Amazing words of love and appreciation from my dear friend Leslie who texted me this out of the blue this morning.
What a way to start your day, Leslie really gave me a good case of the feels! She is on her journey to 70.3 (an Ironman for those of you not familiar) and credits me when 4 years ago I trained for my first sprint triathlon in an effort to conquer 3 sports for 3 decades tri at 30. Leslie has far surpassed my physical abilities and I’m so beyond proud of her as a friend and an athlete!
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Finally wrote the opening lines of my eventual novel/screenplay/Broadway musical.
My life changed November 18, 2007 when my dad died and I think my story is best told by looking backwards from that point and looking forward from there. I can’t wait to share my progress with you all…
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WIW – WOW edition

Last week: 177.3

This week: 172.9

Change -4.4

Whaaaaaat! I knew I was focused and back on track, plus I have my birthday in 10 days as extra motivation, but I was not expecting this!

I’ve never seen 172.anything as an adult so this is brand new territory and I’m now -47.9 pounds from my highest weight in Jan 2010 and -23.6 for the year!

My BMI is 25.2, soooo close to a healthy/normal BMI! (Yes I know BMI isn’t everything, but it’s a helpful guideline and goal for me).

4-day workweek is a success, New Zealand experiment finds

4-day workweek is a success, New Zealand experiment finds