Working on my relationship with my Higher Power.
I grew up Catholic, like Catholic school 1-12th grade, Altar-Serving, Rectory-working Catholic. My mom is also the queen of “Catholic Guilt.” I stopped going to church in college and it wasn’t until a year I to my Measuring Life journey did I begin to explore churches again, but this time not Catholic. I was living in Alabama & a coworker’s husband was a Methodist preacher. I liked John so I figured I’d like him as Preacher John too. I was right! However his church was like 40 min away & I knew I couldn’t make that drive a habit so I explored other Methodist churches in my area and found one I loved. They had great contemporary music. I love all music & being able to sing awesome praise music & listen to a great band at church, SCORE! I attended there for a year before I moved up to the DC area.
In 2014 after 18 month of living in DC I decided to church hop again & found another Methodist one I really liked, it was also a very laid back service, the music was okay, but the Preacher was great. I attended for over a year, but life got in the way.
We’ve lived in our current town for ~2 years & I had been curious about churches in the area & did a bunch of research, but didn’t work up the courage/make the time to go until this month. My Sunday’s have been pretty tied up lately, but I made it to a Saturday late afternoon service Labor Day weekend. It was quite traditional & there was a substitute preacher filling in for the new preacher who joined this church in June. I was disappointed & saw it as a bad sign, but after the service one lady encouraged me to come back to see the new Preacher & since I told her I like music she said come to the 10:30am service. She didn’t pressure me, but just wanted to tell me it had a different vibe than the service I was at. So today was the day I had time to go and wow I’m glad I did.
It was a great service with good music & a laid back feel that I am most comfortable with. I also really liked the Preacher & the message. It was less about letting go of “stuff” and more about letting go of the baggage that weighs us down. I’ll def be back!

I wore this dress yesterday to work as pictured on the right, but I bought this dress on NYE aka December 31, 2017 which is right before I fully re-committed to @ww, as pictured on the left.
My #weightlossjourney has been full of ups and downs, but I’m thankful to be where I am today and I know this time not to take my progress or body for granted.
There is about a 20 lb difference between these two pictures.

Holy sh*t I did it! Tonight I finished tagging the last of all 3,139 posts on my blog! I literally started this at the end of June and worked at it little by little. I created QUITE A FEW categories to tag. Over time I recognized the themes within the subcategories are: weight loss, fitness, love, music, goals, self care (physical), self care (mental/emotional), and changes.
These categories are the chapters of my story, I need to shape and polish what I have but between my Measuring Life blog that I’ve had since 2010+ the 4 other smaller blogs I had from 2006-2010 + all my paper journals = my book/play/musical.
My website is the next undertaking, which I want to have a soft launch on November 18 which is the 11th anniversary of my fathers death.
Thank you all for your support!

My sexy felt metatarsal pads to help relieve a vascular issue with one of my toes. The podiatrist scheduled me for an MRI ? next month to get a closer look at things.
I’ve had essentially a purple bottom of my toe for 15 years and have had previous podiatrists look at it, but only recently has it been causing me some sporadic pain.
Lesson: it’s always important to speak up and try to stay on top of any nagging issues.

Post #bodypump seated shiatsu massage. My friends has these two massagers at their place and we tried them out a few weeks ago. I used a $100 amazon gift card I had to buy them both. Best decision ever. I’ve been using the seated massage cushion for like 30 min a day on heated shiatsu massage, its such a treat.

Summer 2006 ➡️ Summer 2018
I was going to do a face to face Friday, but I couldn’t resist a whole side shot once I put these two next to one another.
I’ll take age 35 over age 23 any day! I was so clueless when it came to nutrition, health, exercise, etc. I’ve made it a point to learn about these areas and also share what I’ve learned with others!