Measuring 2018: Weight

Dec 31, 2017 ➡️ Dec 31, 2018

⬇️22.1 pounds!

I remember trying on last minute NYE dresses at Ross wanting something cheap and stretchy. I knew with some Spanx I’d feel okay going out in this dress and I already made the commitment to myself that 2018 was going to be able my health and well-being. Amazing to see how much inside and out has changed in just 365 days!

Measuring 2018: Exercise

Happy New Years Eve! Lots to look back on today, let’s start with exercise! About to log my last #BodyPump class of 2018 and then have a 4 mile race tonight! That will bring me to workout 271/365! With the exception of June which is a hectic work month, I worked out 22+ days a month and as you can see by the colored circles often did more than 1 kind of workout. I found my routine, my balance, my groove.

2019 Intention

My 2018 intention for the year was BALANCE and I feel really good about the work I’ve done, more on that tomorrow in my Measuring Monday free-write.

I’ve set my 2019 intention as PURPOSE. I have clear goals and priorities and I want 2019 to be able serving them to the best of my ability. When faced with a decision or I choice I want to let my purpose chart my course.

New Profile Pic

Tomorrow I’ll share the full logo and rebrand, but this is the heart of it and will be my profile picture across all social media.

I first came across my previous silhouette picture in 2007 during an early iPod marketing campaign and I liked that it was Jessica Rabbit-esque. Jessica Rabbit has that “perfect” hourglass body. When I launched my Measuring Life Tumblr anonymously in 2010 I thought back to that picture as #goals plus music is something I always pair with fitness. So when it came to a custom logo I had a few inspiration pieces. Needless to say the hourglass is central to my Measuring Life identity.

Blue Apron x WW

Excited to give the new @blueapron and @ww partnership boxes a try! I did Blue Apron most of 2016 and loved it, my fiancé really got into cooking as a result. Excited to give this a whirl and see if we can build it into our meal planning. I’m thinking after the first month doing it every other week and recycling past recipes. @ww friendly planning is a big part of my 2019 goals!

Out of Order

I’m a week into my staycation and I’m totally out of wack and itching to get back to a normal schedule.

I had a 2 pound GAIN at @ww today which is from some holiday eating, but I think it’s more due to being off schedule. My meals are all over the place, generally I’ve been eating lunch and dinner only because as soon as I wake up I have somewhere to be. I’m trying to take advantage of sleeping in a little, but then last night I tossed and turned for 2 hours before finally falling asleep.

I’ve been working out plenty, but not getting enough steps each day. I’ve been productive, but also I have almost too much free time that I’m having trouble making the most of it.


I don’t want to work a traditional 9-5 forever, but times like this make me really value my routine. A few more days until it’s back to work on January 2.

Strong Nail Game

Ending 2018 with a habit I started in January 2017. Gel manicures.

For much of 2014, 2015, and the first half of 2016 I did my own nails with polish color wraps. I’ve always loved painted fingernails, but I was a chronic nail bitter for years. I curbed the habit in grad school, but still I have stubby brittle nails.

When I got new job (with a new salary) in summer 2016 I thought I’d start getting manicures then, but we spent 6 months painting and doing minor renovations to our new townhouse so my nails were a mess, not even painted the second half of 2016.

One of my resolutions for 2017 was to get and keep up gel manicures. I was partially motivated because I had a feeling 2017 was the year we’d get engaged and I wanted pretty nails (yes and yes), but getting manicures turned into an important self care practice every 2-3 weeks. Summer 2017 I was at the height of my workaholism, but I still made time for manicures and I’m thankful I did. I remember once just quietly weeping when getting my nails done one particularly difficult day.

However looking at my polished nails makes me feel like less of a mess. I can gather strength from you fingertips inwards, seriously. My fingernail polish is like protective armor or something and I’m thankful for it.

Oh I was due a pedicure, which I do every every month. I went with glitter pink to coordinate with my new Measuring Life brand reveal coming soooon!

Girl Time

My bestie S and I have a tradition of binge watching the new seasons of Fuller House together. This year we did it in the lap of luxury. As our gift to each other we got a room yesterday at the Four Seasons Baltimore. We used their guest spa and fitness center for the day before being up half the night watching Fuller House. We wrapped up the series this morning and then grabbed a surprisingly delicious lunch at a cute local coffee joint. This was a turkey macro bowl with all the pickled veggies including sauerkraut. The “campfire”coffee was a spiced coffee with hot cocoa!! It was a epic self-care 26 hours!

Accountability Buddy

According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February, so the odds are against us!

Starting Measuring Life in 2010 helped me hold myself accountable. Accountability has always been the key for me to really make a change!

I would love to be your accountability buddy to get you through the first 6 weeks of year. You let me know what works for you, texts, calls, emails. I’m flexible, but I also have ideas. Send me a message if you’d like me to be your 2019 resolution accountability buddy to help you reach your goals!