I couldn’t let #nationaldogday go by without showing Freddie some love! Fred is my soon to be 11 year old Pomeranian. I got him as a puppy a few months after my Dad died and Freddie’s been by my side ever since.

Last year he had some health issues which scared the hell of of me, but thankfully with a proper diagnosis (Cushings Disease) coupled with a treatment plan he’s been doing well and his health seems to be regulated.

Fred used to be my running buddy (back when I was running), he’d go out up to 5 miles at a time with me and he would probably run faster than a 9 minute mile if I could!! These days we are walking buddies who enjoy stopping to smell the roses!

Freddie is the best thing to ever happen to me, he healed so many holes in my heart and showed me I was able to care for someone else…

This baby is taking years off my life due to stress, granted he’s my whole world and enriches my life every day. 

However for the past 3 weeks or so he’s essentially been on a hunger strike. Refusing to eat any type of dog food. T and I could certainly tell he’s lost weight but today at the vet I was horrified to see he went from 7.7lbs just about 6 lbs. The vet was alarmed too. 

Fred’s had a lot of bloodwork the past few months, but that doesn’t always tell the full story. Fred had an insatiable appetite for most of Feb and Mar even waking us up crying for food. Now for most of April the pendulum swung the other way so we’re readjusting his meds again. 

The good news is the vet took Fred off prescription food because he’s more interested in him eating period. Thank goodness between a mix of wet and dry non-prescription food Fred ate today. I moved his bed into the kitchen while I telework because I wanted to keep an eye on him. Here’s hoping he will continue eating and that we finally get the med dosage right. 

Anyone know where I can donate 3 different bags of nearly full expensive prescription dog food?

A tale of two Freddies.

First pic is a preview from our Freddie photoshoot we did at home with a local photographer friend last weekend.

The second is today, Fred coming out of sedation after his follow up ultrasound to monitor his Cushings Disease.

Freddie had a vet follow up on Friday. Vet called on Saturday to tell us Fred’s new meds are working and his blood work looked good. He lost some weight and is starting to grow back some hair which are both good signs. We head back for another ultrasound in mid-March to see how things are looking on the inside. T took this news as permission to get back to screwing with Freddie! #fredfiles

Photo Ready

Oh you know, just casually booking a photoshoot in March with Freddie and me (and the fiance, but it’s really about Fred and me). 

I’ve always wanted nice pictures of Freddie and me.  Since his health has not been the best, I don’t want to miss out on capturing our bond. However his new meds seem to be helping his coat/skin. He has more bloodwork scheduled for Friday and likely another ultrasound in mid-February. 

Back to “Normal”

Last week was hard. Between my friend C losing her dad, Freddie’s ultrasound, and going to Boston for funeral services. 

However despite all that terrible stuff, there was so much love. I have good people in my life and the good people in my life have good people in theirs. 

I saw so many people from college and folks who work in higher ed also (she and I are both in the field) who came out to support my friend C and mourn the loss of her dad that so many of us got to know and love too. 

I feel like despite not getting out workouts in since Wednesday night, I didn’t drink too much alcohol or overindulge too much. 

Freddie is on some new meds and goes back for bloodwork next Friday and then another ultrasound in ~4 weeks. 

I went to pilates at lunch today and will hit up bodypump after work. Oh and at the airport yesterday I got a 10 minute seated massage and it was glorious. 

Fred post ultrasound sedation.
One possible tumor mass and an enlarged adrenal gland. Vet put him on Cushings meds, go back to check blood work in 2 weeks and the another ultrasound 4 weeks from now 😰

Oh and now I’m on my way to Boston for my friend’s dad’s funeral and T is playing nurse to Fred.