Goals Pants

Yesterday while decluttering my workout pants drawer I came across these bad boys from Express circa 2002-2003. I remember wearing these size Large swooshy-esque pants to the gym in college thinking I was hot shit.

I’ve kept these pants and a few others for 15+ years as a reminder of where I was and at some points where I was hoping to get back to.

However I’m ready to release them to the donation pile. Being firmly in low 170s is new territory and I have new goal pants in mind.

2018 Money Generation

I’m using today’s snow day to crunch some more 2018 numbers. This doesn’t even include my adjunct teaching gig – which totaled an additional $3,600 in 2018.

After working with my life coach @cscdanmason I really took to heart shifting from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. I started with active money generation in Sept & Oct and then in November expanded to passive ways too.

Excited to see what my 2019 additional income looks like especially once I start getting paid as a fitness instructor!


I’m a CERTIFIED Group Fitness Instructor!!

Registering for the in person computerized test itself was a whole ordeal, done through a 3rd party testing firm.

Last week I finally registered for it and studied more over the weekend in addition to all the prep I’ve done over the past few months. I needed to bring a bunch of documents with me including my CPR/AED certification card.

I get to the place yesterday to take it and my name isn’t on the list. I hand over my email confirmation, turns out I mistakenly registered to take it 1/9 not 1/7!! Well knowing how much prep I did over the weekend I couldn’t wait any longer so I was able to reschedule it to take this morning.

I haven’t taken a 120 multiple choice test in well over a decade, it was a lot of brain power! I knew to be prepared for a tough test, but some questions were more difficult than I was expecting.

The 4 domains the test covered were:

🔸Fundamentals of Exercise Science

🔸Class Design and Planning

🔸Class Instruction & Presentation


Step 1: Start

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for following! I’d love to help you get started/restarted or help you stay on track! I’m not a doctor and consulting one is important, but I’m eager to share some of what I’ve learned over the last 8 years.

The best way to measure life is to take stock of where you are RIGHT NOW. If losing weight and/or gaining muscle are part of your 2019 goals you need to track where you are. I recommend first thing tomorrow morning. Which works out since in the weight loss community #weighinwednesday is a thing.

When it comes to these first steps I would suggest:

▪️Limit weigh ins to 1x week or less

▪️Every month measure chest, waist, hips, upper thighs/arms, mid thighs/arms to start

▪️Take a picture either semi dressed or in something form fitting that you can wear again in future pictures

Measuring 2018: Weight

Dec 31, 2017 ➡️ Dec 31, 2018

⬇️22.1 pounds!

I remember trying on last minute NYE dresses at Ross wanting something cheap and stretchy. I knew with some Spanx I’d feel okay going out in this dress and I already made the commitment to myself that 2018 was going to be able my health and well-being. Amazing to see how much inside and out has changed in just 365 days!