Today would have been my Dad’s 68th Birthday. He’ll be gone 10 years this November, which is mind-blowing.

As I’ve mentioned here many times before, my dad died of complications (and I would argue negligence, but that lawsuit was never able to be substantiated) 3 days after gastric bypass surgery. He struggled with his weight most of his adult life. When I was in HS he lost 100lbs and kept it off for years, but it slowly kept creeping back on and he wanted to take the surgery route. 

Losing him at such a young age (both him at 58 and me at 24) made me want to get a grip on my weight and wellness. It took about 2 years for me to prioritize my health and fitness after losing him – I had some dark days in the months after I lost him and a lot of life transitions, but I knew I needed to get a grip. 

Making a commitment myself to be healthy and fit has been something I’ve taken very seriously since January 2010 when I started this journey (and this blog). Thank you all for being a continue place of support and encouragement. 


Even as a former Catholic I still feel like Lent is another great opportunity to make a resolution of sorts.

In the past I’ve done plank challenges, tried to avoid hitting snooze, and not using my phone in bed to name a few.

This year ‪I’m giving up using social media when spending time with my fiancé!

T calls my phone “my precious” and he hates how obsessed I can be with social media (truth is I hate how obsessed I can get too). I’m letting myself still text/google/log on weight watchers, but other than that I want to not let social media distract me while I’m with him.

He’s currently asleep (so I’m not ignoring him) and wanted to quickly write this post!

Delayed weekend recap

Friday: picked my sister up from the train after work and headed to a happy hour where T joined us. The 3 of us went to a college hockey watch party at another bar, my alma mater was playing our rivals. It was nice to see some of my DC alumni friends! 

Saturday: T made us nice breakfast then my sister and I headed to Body Pump at my gym. She was excited to go to a class since she is a Body Pump instructor at home, so she rarely gets to just attend a class these days. We stayed for CX Worx, which uses resistance bands and I’m always afraid I’m going to get snapped with it. The three of us spend the afternoon at our beautiful Loudon County breweries in Northern VA. Dirt Farm Brewing is a favorite and we checked out some Purcellville ones before headed to this random old hole in the wall restaurant that T and I found out there last month. 

Sunday: We all slept in, but I needed to drop sissy off at the training by 10am. After dropping her off I parked near the national mall and briskly walked around the monuments for an hour. I couldn’t get too sweaty because I had a massage booked at 1pm. Ran a few errands before my massage. It’s my old massage place near where I used to live and I had one more massage voucher to use. I’ve had this therapist before and once again he talked the entire time. Ugh. Glad to try a new place where I currently live. T gave me a gift certificate to try a place out here for Valentine’s Day! Once I got back home T and I took our relationship to the next level by combining phone plans into one family plan! I also got a new iPhone 7, my 6 was not longer really holding a charge after 2+ years. 

Great weekend all around. I love whenever T and my sister get to spend time together. I also used this weekend to gauge her interest in being my Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid. She’s generally not into wedding stuff and has opted out of being in some of her friends’ weddings, but she said she’d love to be my MOH, so I’m excited!