2018 Money Generation

I’m using today’s snow day to crunch some more 2018 numbers. This doesn’t even include my adjunct teaching gig – which totaled an additional $3,600 in 2018.

After working with my life coach @cscdanmason I really took to heart shifting from an employee mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset. I started with active money generation in Sept & Oct and then in November expanded to passive ways too.

Excited to see what my 2019 additional income looks like especially once I start getting paid as a fitness instructor!


I’m in a Winter Decluttering Facebook group and we had a challenge this week to declutter paperwork. I chose my files including papers and mailed tucked in various places around the house.

I condensed a lot of old/historical stuff into the green bin with labeled folders.

The smaller front maroon file with labeled sections is for active files. The bigger red file behind it is empty now!

I have all the cards held in a file folder – still need to figure out a permanent home for them. The pile on the right is TRASH, esp tons on envelopes from items filed away!

Lots of fun stuff in here, but going through some items were tough, like coming across my Dad’s death certificate and equality upsetting paperwork related to him.

However having done this project in 90 minutes while listening to a podcast was very fulfilling!

Step 2: Get Moving!

No gym membership, no problem! In fact one of my favorite workouts is STILL 30 Day Shred. All you need is a mat and hand weights (or cans of soup to start) for this 30 minute workout. It’s tough the first time, but doing each of the 3 levels 10 times in a row is a great way to feel and notice progress! Level 2 is my favorite and I rotate Shred in still as needed for a quick workout!

I know the gym can stress people out, but I always send good vibes to gym newbies or people trying a class. I’m so happy they are here and I hope they commit! I was once in their shoes and I’m happy they showed up which can sometimes be the hardest part.

Gratitude 2018

For the past 6 months as part of a weekly goal setting practice I’ve listed 5 things I’m grateful for each week. I went back through my documents and pulled my 5 from each week and made it a word cloud.

This is a great way to sum up my 2018, but don’t you worry I’ll be writing a full wrap up post on 12/31 which happens to fall on a Measuring Monday writing day!

I posted this gif on my tumblr 5 years ago, however it took me nearly 5 years to fully own this and live it! The truth of the matter is: YOU ARE ALSO YOUR SOLUTION! Invest in yourself, make time for yourself, listen to yourself, and care for yourself.

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