Then & Now

Feb 2017 ➡️ Feb 2019


I remember how tight this H&M shirt was across the chest when I bought it, but a few weeks into my @ww journey in 2017 I felt confident enough to wear it for the first time. .

Fun fact I actually got engaged the night I took that picture in the left, but I was in sweaty gym clothes! More on that in a few weeks on our engagement anniversary.

15 year old goal pants

Fun fact: these size 14 DKNY pants are from my junior year of college (circa 2003). I remember I wore them for this important student leader interview, but soon after I no longer fit them.

I’ve kept them in my closet since then as a sort of goal pants and now I’m at the point where they are getting too baggy after only be brave enough to try them on a few months ago. Trying to wear then enough to compensate for dragging them from CT>NY>TX>AL>VA over the years before donating them!

Bye bye clothes that are now way too big. I donate clothes semi-annually, but my nicer clothes or clothes I never wore much are harder for me to part with.

I decided to send the nicer and newer clothes to @thredup. They will assess what I send and pay me for items they will resell and donate the clothes they don’t buy.

It’s essentially online and mail order consignment and I’m allll about it! When I first lost a bunch of weight in 2010 I consigned a lot of clothes at a local shop. I also bought “in-between” size clothes there. I am always up for a bargain! I’ll keep you posted on how much I get back!

Skinny Jeans!!! Old Navy size 12. I tried these on in store last week and ordered then online. When they came in the mail yesterday and I held up the pants I was like there is no way these pants are going to fit, but here they are!