A Look Back at the Beginning

Here’s a throwback to my very first blog post in January 2010. Back when it was more of a diary. I never thought I’d share it even anonymously let alone with people I know!

Everyone needs to start somewhere, but I started and have been documenting “it” ever since. It really meaning measuring life, weight loss/gain, love, stress, accomplishments, failures, coffee and more.

New Logo!

Welcome to my new full logo!

This logo was created with love by my dear friend and talented graphic designer A.

Quick backstory. Orange is my favorite color, but the hot pink has been part of the Measuring Life journey since the beginning (including my Measuring Life tattoo I got in Nov 2010). The Measuring pink color and font reflects my tattoo. Life is orange because the color orange is loud, bright, and unapologetic – which is how I try to lead my life. The hourglass in addition to a nod to an hourglass figure is a reminder that “life’s like an hourglass glued to the table” – a favorite lyric from the Anna Nalick song Breathe 2AM.

The Rent soundtrack inspired my moniker. 525,600 minutes – how do you measure a year while also remembering there’s no day but today!

Measuring 2018: Weight

Dec 31, 2017 ➡️ Dec 31, 2018

⬇️22.1 pounds!

I remember trying on last minute NYE dresses at Ross wanting something cheap and stretchy. I knew with some Spanx I’d feel okay going out in this dress and I already made the commitment to myself that 2018 was going to be able my health and well-being. Amazing to see how much inside and out has changed in just 365 days!

New Profile Pic

Tomorrow I’ll share the full logo and rebrand, but this is the heart of it and will be my profile picture across all social media.

I first came across my previous silhouette picture in 2007 during an early iPod marketing campaign and I liked that it was Jessica Rabbit-esque. Jessica Rabbit has that “perfect” hourglass body. When I launched my Measuring Life Tumblr anonymously in 2010 I thought back to that picture as #goals plus music is something I always pair with fitness. So when it came to a custom logo I had a few inspiration pieces. Needless to say the hourglass is central to my Measuring Life identity.

Strong Sisters

I noticed today that the outfit I was wearing was almost the same as this Feb 2017 picture with my sister C. However there is a 22 lb difference!

I had just started @ww the month prior. My sister who is a fitness instructor in NYC came down to visit and she purposely brought these pants since we both had them to wear to a BodyPump class.

I remember feeling good when we took to the picture until I saw the picture. I’m coming after you C to be the more lean and toned sister! Thank you C for setting the bar and showing me that we can fight our genetics!