January: Blue Dot Check Ins

There is no trick to weight loss. As much as I’ve worked out this month, (or even all of last year) it’s what I put (or don’t put) in my mouth that has made the difference.
I honestly never thought weight watchers was going to work for me. The idea of counting calories and math just nooo. But the more I’ve measured and tracked other things in my life the easier it was for me to track on @ww.
“Blue dot days” are when you stay in your healthy eating range. Usually I aim for 5 blue dot days a week. I knew my NY trip for my grandma’s funeral (Jan 10-13) was going to throw me off track, but I didn’t give up. I got back on track as soon as I got home. In the process I figured out I could still eat NY bagels we brought back and keep in the freezer, but I split one with my fiancé. It hits the spot without feeling like I over did it. My relationship with food is a complicated one, but slowly it’s changing.
I guess what I’m trying to say just because something didn’t work once or a few years back doesn’t mean it couldn’t work if you try again. We change and evolve there fore trying something again is worth it – be it a food, workout, or habit or lifestyle change.

January wrap up

Whatta January! This morning I saw 171.5 which is the lowest adult weight I’ve EVER seen. It puts me at exactly 25 pounds lost since 12.28.17 and I finally hit and surpassed the 50 pound mark from when I first started my weight loss journey in 2010.

160s I’m coming for you!!!

Fun fact: I’m using the front of my Passion Planner this year to track my monthly losses!

WW Anniversary

Exactly 2 years ago I went to my first @ww meeting weighing 204 pounds. I had sworn to myself that after losing 40+ pounds in 2010 that I was never going to be in 200s again. My highest recorded weight in early January 2010 was 222.6 pounds.
I had considered @ww for sometime, especially since “at work” meetings are offered at my job (and at my previous job). A few months before joining while having lunch with my new friend L, she shared she attended the ww at work meetings. She assured me it was a great group and a safe space. When the next open house information came out and it went on my calendar. I showed up on Thursday, January 26, 2017.
I would be lying if I said I follower the program and the rest is history. I lost about 14 pounds over the first few months aka couldn’t crack into the 180s to my dismay. When my busy work season really took off in June my effort to track or be thoughtful about what I ate went out the window. But I’m just happy I survived that summer in one piece.
I was slowly getting halfway back on the ww wagon in Fall 2017 and things all changed for me when ww introduced #wwfreestyle.
Freestyle made it all click for me, I could eat lean protein, beans, eggs, Greek yogurt, fruits and most vegetables all for 0 points. These were staples in my pre-ww healthy/weight loss diet and it was hard to see how many point they could rack up in the old smart points system.
On December 28, 2017 I weighed 196.5 pounds and I did a BeachBody 3-day refresh to end 2017. On January 1, 2018 I committed to #wwfreestyle and here I am -23.3 pounds and counting. I’m currently down 30.2 pounds overall on ww and I’m around 1.5 pounds away from 50 pounds lost from my 2010 highest weight. I’m at just around my lowest adult weight. I’ve never got the 50 pounds lost mark, but I’ve been very close to it in 2010, 2012, and now. I really have my eyes on the 168 pound target which is a new “decade” of weight which I’ve never been in as an adult and also that would be me in the “normal” BMI range as a 5’9.5” woman.
Thanks you @ww I look forward to a continued relationship with a focus on wellness and perhaps I may get to be a ww coach one day!

Goals Pants

Yesterday while decluttering my workout pants drawer I came across these bad boys from Express circa 2002-2003. I remember wearing these size Large swooshy-esque pants to the gym in college thinking I was hot shit.

I’ve kept these pants and a few others for 15+ years as a reminder of where I was and at some points where I was hoping to get back to.

However I’m ready to release them to the donation pile. Being firmly in low 170s is new territory and I have new goal pants in mind.


Up this week which isn’t a surprise: grief, missing some workout due to funeral travel, poor sleep, and NY bagels can do that to gal!

I’ve been back on the Blue Dot Days and tracking wagon since Monday and getting back into the swing of routine.

Since I was in NY last weekend I cancelled my plans to go this upcoming weekend. I’ll get to be home and continue to reset. Nothing like a wrench in your best laid plans, especially 2 weeks into the new year, but that’s life. You need just brush yourself off and keep going.

A Look Back at the Beginning

Here’s a throwback to my very first blog post in January 2010. Back when it was more of a diary. I never thought I’d share it even anonymously let alone with people I know!

Everyone needs to start somewhere, but I started and have been documenting “it” ever since. It really meaning measuring life, weight loss/gain, love, stress, accomplishments, failures, coffee and more.