Top of my 2019 list are:
🔲Teach Body Pump
🔲Roll out my Measuring Life logo
🔲Continue my Measuring Monday writing
🔲Reach a normal BMI
🔲Further develop my website
🔲Dive deeper into ACA and my recovery
🔲Continue money generation through side hustles and apps
🔲Use my vacation and sick days as needed, do not overwork myself

I’ve done a lot of thinking and reflecting about fear this past year.
Both how crippling it can be and yet how truly irrational most fears are.
FEAR can mean 1 of 2 things:
Face Everything And Rise
Fear Everything And Run
I’m so glad I took 2018 to rise up. 2019 is going to be all about no regrets.
A key part of my journey this year was to face my fears head on.
What will 2019 hold for you?

Weighed in this morning since I’ll be traveling tomorrow 173.8
Pulling this chart from @fitbit is a wonderful reminder of how far I’ve come this year. I still I have my sights set on reaching 168 by New Year’s Eve which would put me at a normal BMI for the first time ever as an adult.

Bought this on a whim a few weeks ago at @traderjoes and forgot about it until tonight. I decided to pair it with ground turkey, black beans, rotel and chili season for a “Taco-Mac.” Damn it was delicious. Split the mac with my fiancé so half the box was 7sp and the chili was 0sp.

I’m still reading “The Drama of the Gifted Child.” It’s only 125 pages, but it’s a tough read. This passage really spoke to me today and I thought it was appropriate to share.
Yes, that perfectly sums up how I feeL towards my Mom. I never know who I’m going to get Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde. The stress of even worrying about it makes it almost unbearable before I’m in the same room with her.
This year I will be NY for Thanksgiving, but I do not plan to see my Mom. She has rescinded too many invitations over the last few years and I can’t let the dread of seeing her ruin my precious few days off in my favorite city.
I hope I can stay strong and not let guilt take over, this is in best interest of my self care.

Timehop reminded me that 4 years ago I presented at a regional conference with colleagues about the importance of fitness and making time for it.
Not that @MeasuringLife isn’t a quiet side project just for me anymore I’m excited for the chance to do more workshops and education session!