Saw this quote posted on a bus stop today near work. I’ve been asking myself that quite a lot lately.
There are parts of my job that are extremely fulfilling, but the negatives still far outweigh the good. Plus I want a better quality of life (less politics, better commute, etc). I’m looking to truly to find my purpose and be able to put it into words.

When it rains it pours

Last week: 177.1

Today: 180.8

Change: +3.7

REALLY?! 7 Blue dot days in a row Sun-Sat then enjoyed Sun/Mon, but within point range. I call bulllshit. 

On top of being FRUSTRATED by the scale this morning. My commute home yesterday was TWO HOURS, as opposed to 50 minutes. I missed my Body Pump class, but took Freddie out for a 45 min walk to blow off some steam and  get in some steps. 

This morning some idiot isn’t giving me room to maneuver into a spot and I hit a support poll. It’s a scrape that I should be able to buff out, but COME ON. This garage is the devil, I back into a poll once last year and someone grazed/sideswiped my car last year too. Work garages should not be SUCH A HAZARD! 


Long Weekend Recap

Friday: Got a great 45 minute lunchtime walk in with my friend J at work. Then after work spent 3 hours with T building our new “dual fuel” (gas and charcoal) grill.

Saturday: back to back Body Combat & Body Pump class followed by lots of salad making/prepping for grilling. We did chicken, hot dogs, grilled veggies, grilled pineapple, as well as cucumber salad and grilled corn salad – which was AMAZING (

Sunday: Woke my ass up for a 9AM Combat class then packed up the car to head to Baltimore for the night. Sadly the rain decided to ruin our Fort McHenry visit plans as well as grilling out at our friend S’s place, but we took the cook out inside and a yummy time was still had! S is on weight watchers too so it was great to have a mindful buddy.

Monday: Had a yummy breakfast cooked at S’s and then we headed all headed out to Camden Yards to see the Nats take on the Os. The Nats actually WON, which never happens when T and I go to see them, must have been the away game factor. 

Sunday and Monday I was over my dailies for points, but within my weeklies. Plus all the working out. I’m proud of myself for not just saying fuck it, I was mindful and didn’t overdo it.

Today all of my head student staff is back full time and our summer intern from Syracuse is here on her first day with us! Taking the team out for lunch to kick off the summer. 

If I high five you when I see you, you’ll know why ?
With my -2.4 lb loss at yesterday’s @weightwatchers weigh in I’ve officially lost 25.8 lbs since joining WW in Feb 2017, but 18.8 of it has been since Jan 2018 when I fully committed to #wwfreestyle!
Honestly so much of this journey is mental. Once I made myself the priority over everything else, things clicked into place.

Growing up with an alcoholic mother in a dysfunctional household I took on the role of “hero child.” This is a role my inner child has continued to carry with me. In the last 5 years due to neglectful/disinterested bosses and authority figures my inner child manifested as a workaholic.
Things hit an all time low last summer due to insurmountable work stress and lack of staff/structure/support. It took hitting rock bottom to seek out the therapy and support in #ACA that I needed to begin this recovery journey. As I approach my peak season at work this year I hope I can maintain the boundaries I’ve set and maintain my emotional sobriety.
#adultchildrenofalcoholics #selfcare #aca #acoa #recoveryjourney

I decided to #bebrave and wear my new white pants. I know buying them was a great first step, but knowing me I would WAIT for the RIGHT time to wear them. There is no right time, #carpediem!
Since today is my #weightwatchers at work meeting I thought I’d be a good #nsv to share with the group!


2 weeks ago: 179.0

Last week: 183.4

Today: 177.1

Change: -6.3

Phhhhhhhheww last week’s 4 pound gain was a fluke. Glad to see I’m down -1.9 from 2 weeks ago!